Unfortunately no, LumoPackTM can be charged at a max of 140 Watts. At 140W, LumoPackTM can store 1800 mAh of capacity in 6 minutes. Most battery packs take a couple hours to do that.

LumoPackTM charges your phone or devices at its recommended speeds (up to 10w max).

Our Smart Ports communicate with your devices to optimize the fastest charge speeds without risk of damaging your battery cell.

If we charged it any faster, there would be potential risks and damages involving your battery:
-Decrease the Long-Term recharge capability of your battery
-The Battery Cell expands and damages your devices
-The Battery Cell catches on fire (might explode)

LumoPack’s power adapter charges LumoPackTM at 140 Watts, 14-28x faster than Smart Phones. LumoPackTM can sustain these charges due to the incorporation of MOF Technology.

If the lithium-ion battery cell in your devices were to be charged at 140 watts, it would significantly harm the battery cycle life and risk fire hazards.

Good news is that LumoPack’s 140-watt power adapter is not compatible with portable devices that use a USB port to charge up.

LumoPack’s cycle life can reach up to 1000 cycles under ideal conditions. With fast charging, the cycle life will still be well beyond the leading rate in battery packs today (300-500 cycles)
There are three types of charges that come with the LumoPackTM:

Method 1: Micro USB (10W, 13W max – 3+ hours until full charge)
Method 2: Wall Charger (140W – 30 minutes until full charge)
Method 3: Car Charger (140W – 30 minutes until full charge)


Most portable battery packs today come with a very portable micro USB charger. Which give you the convenience to carry around a charger. The disadvantage of these micro USB chargers is that they are very slow at charging your devices.

LumoPackTM comes with a capacity of 6000 (mAh).
-Enough to charge your mobile devices 2-4 times
-All you really need in a day.

LumoPackTM also offers three ways of charging:

1. A Home Wall Charger capable of 140 Watts (Fast Charge)
-Charge your LumoPackTM before you’re on-the-go
-ex. Plug it in for minutes before your head out the door
2. A micro USB charger capable of 10 Watts (Market standard)
-For your portable needs in longer travels
-ex. charging from your laptop on the plane
3. A car charger capable of 140 Watts (Fast Charge)
-For your portable needs in travels involving vehicles
-Eg: a 10-minute taxi ride.

When not in use, LumoPackTM will lose approximately 5% per month.

Example: You fully charge LumoPackTM and leave it in your car. After 6 months of inactivity, LumoPackTM will drop down to approximately 70% capacity (or 4,200 mAh).

LumoPackTM offers pass-through charging. Feel free to charge it simultaneously while your other devices are connected!

If you can use a USB port to charge your device (ex. from your computer), LumoPackTM is compatible with your device.

LumoPack is compatible with all USB devices, such as iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, iPads, Android Tablets, GoPros, Bluetooth headphones, mini Bluetooth speakers, and more.

After LumoPackTM is fully charged and 30 seconds passes, the circuit board will automatically disconnect the power. This function prevents overcharging LumoPackTM.

Oh, and yes that is true!

Tip: Stop leaving your phone charging overnight.

This depends on the battery capacity of your smartphone.

LumoPackTM has a capacity of 6000 mAh, which is 2-4 times the capacity of most smartphones today.