Lyte’s Beginning

In early 2014, Lyte Systems® (Lyte) set out to relieve users from current battery constraints, thus making mobile devices truly portable.

Lyte Systems® was founded by Gordon and Neiv through Loyola Marymount University’s incubator program. These two entrepreneurs were frustrated with wasting time being stuck to a wall, waiting for their devices to charge. They shared one goal – to solve this pain point and improve people’s lives.

After successfully finishing LMU’s incubator program as the top ranked project, Lyte’s team continued the development of the world’s fastest charging battery pack. They joined up with Nivo Systems, a developer of Metal Organic Framework (MOF) materials, for their scientific inventions that have proved fruitful in improving the performance of the lithium-ion battery. Having access to this groundbreaking technology, Lyte also teamed up with a leading developer and manufacturer of consumer battery packs – Carku Technology. Combining these three forces, Lyte Systems® is now ready to launch their first product, LumoPackTM – the world’s fastest charging battery pack.

Lyte’s dream is to not only to create a next-generation battery pack; its larger vision is to remove the time constraints of charging all electronic devices. By leveraging their new and advanced technologies, as well as their strategic partnerships, Lyte Systems® is committed to finding new and innovative ways for us to live a truly mobile lifestyle.

Meet the Team

Gordon Tsui

Opportunity Creator


Neiv Schwartz

Idea Generator


Kristy Hsu

Miss Creative Head


Jonathan Fidler

Godfather of Inspiration

Design Advisor

Dr. David Choi

Business Mastermind

Business Advisor

Dr. Bo Wang

Professor Brains

Science Advisor

Founders’ Message

“By supporting us, you’re backing the opportunity to change the way we define charging.”

“Imagine this technology in all of our devices; let’s start with a battery pack today and the world tomorrow!”

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