LumoPack can be charged at 140 watts, which is 14 to 20 times more than standard battery packs (5~10 watts). Within just 6 minutes of charging, LumoPack has enough juice for a full iPhone 6 charge, and within 10 minutes, an iPhone 6 Plus. LumoPack only needs 18 minutes for a full charge (6000 mAh).

LumoPack is a longer lasting product. With up to 1000 charge cycles, it offers 2 to 3 times more than the industry standard today (300~500 Cycles).

Nivo’s MOF technology coats the battery cell which prevents gasses, such as oxygen, from entering. This reduces the risk of major fire hazards such as bulging or explosions.

Metal Organic Framework (MOF) is an emerging class of materials. MOF enhances lithium-ion battery performance by coating the cell and improving the transportation and diffusion of electrolytes. This results in 3 major improvements: Charge Time, Cycle Life, and Safety.

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